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Atlantic-Pacific Tang Soo Do


Adult 18 and Up: Never Too Late to Start the Journey!

Do you look back on key points in your life and say “What if…?” Do you wish that you had spent more time exercising and less time watching television? If you are a parent, do you wish that you had interacted with the kids or your spouse and less time working?

Instead of dwelling on the past, set your sights on tomorrow! At Birmingham Academy of Martial Arts, we have the programs and the know-how to get you started on the path to a healthier and less-stressed you. If you are a parent or spouse, the best part is that martial arts can truly be a family-bonding activity!

You will learn some incredible self-defense skills while toning the body, gaining flexibility and agility, building cardiovascular health and reducing stress. You will also build the confidence that you need to succeed in today’s world.

Invest in yourself and schedule a free trial course. Not every adult will have the courage to get on the floor but those that do will be the ones to enjoy all the amazing benefits! You have a lot to gain and only unwanted pounds to lose!

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